Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We are blessed with another beautiful sun-filled summer morning. Today when I let Namaste outside he immediately spied two chipmunks at the foot of a tree beside our front door. Round and round the tree he dashed as both chippies raced upward.

Now he walks with one rear leg raised, three of four feet/legs functional, and I'm instantly reminded of our dear Chickie who hopped everywhere on one foot, the other one, unuseable.

I remember what Ann's friend (our recently deceased bookstore owner) said at her memorial last night (my paraphrase): I tried and tried to understand how a person so good could die before her time. And then I realized that it is simply impossible to understand....

I feel that way about Chickie. She was a wonderfully sweet chicken who added immeasurably to our lives. And now she is gone. Though I can't understand why her life was cut short, I'm deeply grateful for the months she was present in our lives.

Today I went through my T'ai Chi Chih practice simply trusting that it would/could/should help. I expected it to place me in the correct frame of mind for my afternoon at work. I believed in its ability to help me accept both Ann's and Chickie Woo's recent deaths. And I hoped that, even if it didn't happen in this moment, balance and relaxation would eventually settle upon my body and soul.

And so it did....

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