Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Lighter Psychospiritual Load

I came to my T'ai Chi Chih practice today feeling heavy hearted. And Monkey Minded. Halfway through the movements my spirit felt lighter. By practice end I was smiling.

What a gift to engage in a practice that can lighten the psychospiritual load!

It's been so still lately. It was a relief to feel the brush of a breeze across my face and arms as I moved. No animals were nearby. Goose, chicken, cat and dog had other occupations. I was alone with the trees. Well, there was the occasional swoop and buzz of two hummingbirds as they visited nearby blossoms and then chased each other to and fro.

It's lunchtime. Time for Frances and me to head down the road to a neighbor's house. He's hosting a corn feed in celebration of his newly renovated caboose. The party includes a tour of the train car that's been parked in his yard for over 20 years. We'll probably never know what secrets it's held but we sure do want to check it out!

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