Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Presence in the Present

I feel better today. A friend reminded me over the telephone yesterday: Whenever a door closes, a window opens. (Trite but true?) I don't yet know what window will open. And, at this point, I'm not particularly certain that a door will close (although it certainly appears likely).

For now I comfort myself with aphorisms. Don't worry, be happy.

As we all know it does absolutely no good to anticipate the future. I'm much better off living in the present which, at this moment, is fine.

My mood improved because I was away from work today. And, after tomorrow's final T'ai Chi Chih summer session, I look forward to two months off from teaching. I have one trip scheduled (a wedding), several visits from friends, and a whole lotta time to winterize the house and otherwise prepare for the longest season of the year.

My evening TCC practice was unremarkable except for the fact that it slowed me down after a long, chore-filled day. I stayed inside to avoid mosquito bites and, even so, was stalked by the buggers. Thankfully, Namaste leapt up into a nearby chair and serenaded me with a well-rehearsed snore.

I guess it's true that time heals all things. Time and a daily T'ai Chi Chih practice that returns me to the moment each time I inadvertently attempt to escape it. Presence in the present. Now that's a goal worth pursuing.

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