Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Chainsaw Buzz

Frances and I took our morning walk while the sun was shining. Now, brrr, it's cold (upper 40s) and grey.

After my high level of productivity yesterday I'm moving slower today. Some people (myself included) would call that balance.

My midafternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice coincided with Frances's decision to cut down trees in order to expand our garden. I chose to practice on the opposite side of the house from where she worked. Still, during the first half of practice I was serenaded by the drone of the chainsaw. It reminded me of Monkey Mind, its constant buzz sinking into my consciousness so that I was no longer aware of its obnoxious chatter.

I heard three, maybe four, trees fall, and then, all was quiet. In that sudden moment of silence I realized how loud and pervasive the chainsaw buzz had been before it stopped. Ah, yes, just like Monkey Mind....

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