Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Movement, Fewer Words

We visited friends this morning and came home with another chicken to keep our goose, Lucy, company. Unfortunately, the chicken is acting aggressive (puffing up, squawking, and rushing at Lucy) and, consequently, scaring the poor goose away. We'll see what happens tomorrow but so far, the littlest animal is acting like the Big Shot. I did another outdoor TCC practice this afternoon and then went inside to prepare for tomorrow morning's presentation to a Parkinson's support group. Yes, I've noticed that my memory is declining, but it was particularly evident during my practice run through. What did I learn from the experience? First, I decided to include more movement and use fewer words. Second, and most important, I'll do my own TCC practice before I leave to temper my anxiety and focus on my own relaxation before I teach others how to relax!

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