Sunday, May 6, 2012

In Honor of ... Justin Stone

I took today as a day of rest which I desperately needed. It's been a s-l-o-w motion day.

At 5:00 p.m. I joined with other T'ai Chi Chih teachers around the world for a group practice honoring Justin Stone, the found/creator/originator of this form. (Thanks, Anna, for giving me a heads up about this practice.)

Although I wasn't overly aware of heightened energy due to the collaborative nature of this practice I did focus on expressing gratitude to Justin for this transformative moving meditation that has brought innumerable changes to my life.

Keeping in mind that I was practicing with a larger group of teachers whom I didn't know, I performed movements while facing north, then turned to the east for several movements, then south, then west, and finally, back to the north. As my visual focus and attention circled the room I included and honored the participation of everyone who was a part of this practice regardless of where they lived.

Thank you, Justin, for your time on this earth and for this wonderful gift of peace and tranquility that, bit by bit, person by person, helps to heal the world.

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