Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slowly, Quietly, Softly

I feel as if I'm frozen in a beautiful spring time-warp. It's been so lovely these past few days that even the rain, though predicted, chose to sprinkle for a minute only, then abated.

In the middle of this day--and its quiet loveliness--I practiced T'ai Chi Chih. I sat down for the entire form as my knee ached and was not eager to support weight. The busyness of the past few days and this morning quickly faded into a distant memory.

The practice was wonderful: quiet, sunny, warm. I soaked the heat into my winter worn body and was glad for it. I admit that it's hard to get back up to speed after this welcome TCC practice slow-down. And, honestly, I don't need to push my body and mind faster than they wish to go. And so, I'll take the rest of the day as it comes ... slowly, quietly, softly.

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