Sunday, May 20, 2012

Practice Partner (My Goose)

Whew! Temps dropped from the upper 80s yesterday to 60 this AM. Thank goodness! And the rain (thankfully!) began to fall.

Lucy was my sole TCC practice partner this morning. Because it was overcast and lightly raining, Frances and Namaste stayed in bed and Chiripa had no interest in being outside in the dripping rain. So I ventured out alone.

I put on a baseball cap and rain jacket and did a standing rather than a sitting practice to stay drier. The rain was so gentle that it barely seemed to touch me. Surprisingly, I discovered how easy it was to relax because the sound of raindrops striking leaves and ground was like a lullaby.

As soon as I stepped outside Lucy moved to a ditch to graze. Then she walked to within four feet of where I practiced, stood quietly, and watched. She gave me all of her attention except for an occasional grooming of feathers.

After T'ai Chi Chih practice I took a brief break and returned to the yard to do my 10 minute Cleansing Qigong practice. For whatever reason, that practice inspired Lucy to come closer. She stood several feet in front of me and, even though she looked for all the world as if she was ready to take a nip at me, she calmly watched until my movements expanded and reached too far into her personal space. Then she was off to graze once again.

What a joy to have Lucy join in my practices. I'm glad I practiced early because now a heavy scrim of fog is settling on the earth.

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