Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Remembering Rosie

I feel a bit sad today. Rosie died yesterday or last night (she stayed in the barn all day yesterday and wasn't checked on until this morning). Plus, today is my dad's birthday (he's been dead 13 years this June).

Rosita Ria (my pet name for her) was a beautiful, sweet chicken. Recently Lucy had taken to honking for Rosie when she wasn't nearby (it reminded Frances and me of the way Ander, Lucy's mate, used to honk for Lucy). Interestingly, it seemed that Rosie would show up and hang around with Lucy after she was "called."

And so, my evening practice was devoted to Rosie. I practiced near her body, sent blessings to her, and bowed to her spirit at the end of my practice. She brought much joy to our lives and she will be missed....

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