Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cleaning Out to Become Clearer Within

I feel deep gratitude for my outdoor T'ai Chi Chih practices because this is when I slow down and smell (see!) the roses. Yesterday I was enamoured with purple irises blooming next to orange poppies and today it's white thimbleberry blossoms popping their heads up out in the woods.

It's been cool today (50ish) but tomorrow predicts highs in the low 80s with rain. Today I took advantage of the dry skies and practiced TCC on the deck while the goose and chicken hovered nearby (beneath my practice area).

Since the birds were quiet, I had no idea what they were doing until I finished practice and Frances informed me that the chicken (Rachel) had dug herself a hole in the dirt and was taking a dirt bath. Oh, when I leaned over the railing to spy on her, I was amazed! She had dirt flipped up onto the middle of her back and she squirmed and flipped and preened just like a dog (or cat).

My practice went well. I sat for the first half and stood for the second. I began by positioning myself in the last teensy bit of sunshine and managed to focus my attention on green plants and brightly blooming flowers.

After I finished TCC practice I was back at it, sorting, cleaning, moving, and disposing of the excess in our house. It feels good to let go of the clutter. And, of course, when space is created for energy to flow, that's what it does. It moves and vitalizes and restores my lagging energy.

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