Sunday, May 27, 2012

Release ... repeat

Ohh, it's been a long, slow day spent sorting through papers and cleansing the distant past out of my life. Yes, it feels good. It's simply amazing, though, how long it takes to go through page after page of detritus. It is, after all, a walk down long-forgotten trails and paths that I've taken over the course of my life.

I started with an early T'ai Chi Chih practice to get myself ready to focus on files of editing clients, graduate work, published writing, small business (Same Spirit) materials, etc., etc. I'm downsizing with the aim of creating a life that's less cluttered, simpler, and more peaceful (with less pieces).

During my morning practice I looked out the window at rain and fog. It felt chilly and wet but, during my practice, I felt cozy. (After I was done I headed for the wood stove to lay a fire.)

 Now in late afternoon we have green sunshine and gathering warmth. Now it's back to my day's occupation: scan, skim, sort, ... release. Repeat.

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