Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day is Done, Evening Begun

I waited to practice T'ai Chi Chih until I returned home from work today. By then temps had bottomed out at about 52 degrees. And so I practiced on the deck and, with the chill in the air, my hands were plenty cold by the end.

It was wonderful to be outside and hear the bouyant serenade of a purple finch. I realized that one of our apple trees is growing because several birds landed on its small, pliable branches (I hadn't seen that behavior before). Of course, the tree branch bent to the point that the bird was practically upside down before it righted itself and flew away.

It felt good to chill in the chill (with another added benefit: no bugs!).

Back inside I heard a chorus of coyotes howling nearby. The day is done, the evening has begun....

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