Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sitz-ing Around

Frances and I found one unlucky mouse lying dead outside the house when we returned from our morning walk. Obviously, Chiripa was hard at work sometime earlier today. That's the extent of the death and destruction for one day (at least of which I'm aware).

My T'ai Chi Chih practice occurred indoors since the rain was falling much heavier than several days ago. I'm still tracking the movements and feelings in my hips and "sitz" bones while I do the seated practice. It's helpful to feel the forward and back rocking on these bones as I do forward-back movements. It's also interesting to note how my hips and "sitz" bones move on the side-to-side movements. Other teachers' instructions describe it as feeling like you're squirming in your chair.

Everything I learn from my own practice, of course, I can pass on to my students. (It's a win-win situation.)

I didn't sleep well last night which meant that the TCC practice helped tremendously as I relaxed mental and physical tensions while moving. Now I'm ready to leap--err, ease--into my afternoon work at the library.

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