Monday, May 28, 2012

Feeling Low and Imagining (a Spark of Light)

I feel a bit down today and nothing--not even T'ai Chi Chih practice--brightens my day. A heavy-duty headache is certainly contributing to my lower-than-low feeling. And recently both Frances and I are struggling to make significant decisions about our home, property, and future.

I can't believe that I'm writing this, but ... I'm anxious for this Memorial Day holiday weekend to be over.

Today I actually practiced T'ai Chi Chih outside in sunshine. (It's been so rainy over the past three to four days that the weather service actually posted flood warnings for Bayfield County yesterday afternoon.)

Lucy didn't care to join me during my TCC practice but, partway through, I heard a commotion. Lucy had hopped into her wading pool and begun to groom vigorously. And so, I joined her. It was wonderfully entertaining to watch her splashing and preening as I Pulled Taffy, watched Passing Clouds, and aspirated Healing Sounds.

Now I'm back to sorting files and pitching paper. And, yes, I can imagine a wee spark of light at the end of this humble task....

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