Friday, May 11, 2012

Life's Sights and Sounds

I sat on the deck this evening while I ate dinner and marveled at the green--up, down, and all around me--along with an abundance of bird calls and coyote songs. Beneath the cloud covered sky I floated softly in sights and sounds of life returning.

Two woodpeckers screeched at each other from opposite sides of the same tree trunk. Then one pecked loudly, the trunk echoing like a hollow drum. Next a hummingbird flew up to examine me face-to-face. I wasn't sure whether my red sweatshirt drew him close but, it didn't matter, I was thrilled to get a birds' eye view of his ruby red throat.

My late afternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice was again performed outside next to Lucy. She's having a hard time since Rosie died; the best that we can figure is she's lonely without her tiny feathered friend. Everytime we disappear from view, Lucy honks and honks.

While I moved through the TCC form, Lucy slept. I assume that she trusted I would watch her back as long as I was there. I did a hood-up practice since, along with the green has come a population of flying insects. My body is already accumulating lumps and bumps from various insect bites.

TCC practice zoomed by as I moved to the music of birdsong. It's a joy to be serenaded by our woodland tree-dwellers.

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