Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming Back for More

Last night's rain washed the trees of much of their autumnal color. That was reason enough for Frances and me to take an early morning walk to fill ourselves with visions of rust-gold-orange-yellow leaves (until next year).

During my evening outdoor T'ai Chi Chih practice I noticed that there is more sky showing through naked tree branches in our yard. And more nudity to come....

I began tonight's practice at the Taffies and then returned to the Platters and so on. For whatever reason that topsy turvy practice plan didn't work well. It was difficult to patiently make my way through the entire practice. I was tired and ready for dinner and, as I discovered post-practice, in the middle of a low blood sugar.

Still, it feels remarkable that I can conduct my daily TCC practices outdoors while wearing shorts as we move toward the middle of October. This week I begin my fall T'ai Chi Chih continuing class sessions (my beginning class was cancelled due to low enrollment).

I look forward to reconnecting with my advanced students who keep coming back for more....

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