Monday, October 3, 2011

T'ai Chi Chih Collaboration

After Anna left yesterday I felt oddly bereft of our T'ai Chi Chih collaboration. Clearly I spend too many of my days practicing alone. And, though I practice weekly with my students when classes are in session, it's altogether different to practice with a peer.

Today I leapt at the chance to move through T'ai Chi Chih in bright, warm sunshine. It was a blessing to experience another wonderful fall day.

Everyone in Bayfield and the surrounding area is gearing up for our 50th annual Bayfield Apple Fest this weekend. I, for one, am putting in extra hours, both paid and unpaid, to help set up and cover the front desk during our two-day library book sale. Many other people volunteer at chamber information booths, the parade, a senior social, and the like.

Like many of the locals, I look forward to the calm and quiet that descend upon our town once this major fall event is over and done. In the meantime I'll keep practicing TCC as the week progresses and as hundreds and thousands of tourists descend upon our orchards and our tiny town. That way I'll stay relatively calm as the energy of our fair city rises to its once-a year fantastical levels.

Just remember, Steph: Breathe.

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