Monday, October 31, 2011

A Hallowed Practice

What better way to end a day of drama than with a T'ai Chi Chih practice? When I arrived at the library, I received sad news about the unexpected death of one of our beloved patrons (he was found sitting in a chair with a book in his lap). Since it was Halloween, I managed to sneak a glimpse of young school kids dressed in costumes as they paraded downtown accompanied by pounding drums.

In late afternoon/early evening I was visited by a lion, a witch (or two or three or more), a stick man, and other unidentified trick-or-treaters. I was more than ready for rest and relaxation by the end of my workday and immediately stepped into a T'ai Chi Chih practice before I left the building.

Five or ten minutes into practice Frances arrived to drive me home. She shared the news that one of our chickens died at the hands-claws-paws of an unidentified predator early this afternoon. Awww. After a snack and a short conversation with Frances I went back to my practice. And now here I am ... tired but happy, relaxed and ready for sleep....

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