Friday, October 7, 2011

Savoring the Color (Moment)

The first thing Frances said this morning as she woke and looked out the window: "Wow." Overnight our woods transformed into an orange-yellow-golden hue. It felt--and looked--magical.

As the day progressed the wind gathered force and many leaves detached from their airborne home and hit the earth. Leaf color has definitely peaked and it's all down-to-the-ground from here.

Today's library book sale was hugely successful. A line formed outside the door prior to opening and the first few hours of sales were brisk. I worked in the quieter, mellower library upstairs which suited me just fine. After I returned home I climbed onto the deck and did my afternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice in the midst of wind and falling leaves.

Usually wind is distracting and disturbing during T'ai Chi Chih practice but today (Was it the color of the leaves?) I felt fortunate to be an observer of fall's leaves falling. And I realized how exquisite and temporary nature of these autumn days.

For this moment, now, I'm intent on savoring every drip of color I can extract from my surroundings.

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