Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weather Change

Starting yesterday temps dropped, wind rose, and leaves blew off trees. Suddenly it feels like winter is in the air. The dog isn't lounging outside for long anymore and ... neither am I.

Frances and I visited the Farmers' Market this morning and it was brisk (the wind off the lake can be bone chilling). After visiting with our farmer friends we headed home and I landed in the kitchen (surprise!) where I focused on cooking Greek and Moroccan stews. This weather puts me in the mood for warm, soul nourishing food.

I held my late afternoon T'ai Chi Chih practice inside (there was no doubt in my mind that that was the best place to practice). The cat napped in a chair nearby while stew cooked on the stove, ripening tomatoes hung from a nail in front of me, and I moved in full view of the great outdoors.

I allowed my body to relax into the silence and fall into the presence of nature. It felt good to be warm, protected, and nourished by the peace and good smells around me.... It's time now to eat some of that delicious stew.

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