Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Kind Thing

I'm happy to report that the day began with ... sunshine! During this morning's T'ai Chi Chih class sun shone through the windows and transformed the room into a delightfully warm and cozy space.

This week I checked out a music CD from the library that I intuitively grabbed as I headed out the door en route to class. So, in addition to the influence of shining sun, we listened to the Gyuto Monks' Tibetan Tantric Choir (1986) as they chanted prayers. I read these liner notes when I returned home:
The chanting heard on this recording is prayer, not performance. Whenever this recording is played its prayers are effectively said anew--though their power depends less upon mechanistic reproduction than on the degree of attention and compassion with which you, the listener, join in the experience.
What better place or time to play such a recording than during a T'ai Chi Chih practice? For it is during our TCC practices that we begin with an intention to focus our attention and as we do so, we open our bodyminds to compassion and loving kindness.

It is absolutely delightful to be witness to the transformation that occurs as stress and tension fade from each TCC practitioner's body and mind while we move slowly through the form. It only seems appropriate to end each practice with Namaste because it is truly after such a practice that we can easily reside in a place of love, of truth, of light, and of peace.

Today after practice we continued our discussion of Buddha's Brain, Ch. 10: Boundless Kindness. I read the class a Happiness Tip I found on the internet that was designed to foster kindness in children. When I read the two questions this article asked parents to discuss with their children, I realized that each of us could easily ask ourselves these questions every day of our lives....
(1)   What is one kind thing that someone else did for you today?

(2)   What is one kind thing that YOU did for SOMEONE ELSE today?

Hmmm. It's worth thinking about.

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