Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Excuses

It's another busy day in the neighborhood! And, as I discovered yesterday, I'm much better off both physically and psychologically when I take time to do my T'ai Chi Chih practice and add on other strategies for self-care.

I was up early to edit, then ran errands, then edited some more, then stacked, moved, and restacked wood, and--you got it!--returned to my editing. It took most of the day to get to my TCC practice but, when I did, I felt so much better. Of course, another 45 minutes under the Hothouse machine helped me, too, as it relaxed the tight muscles in my back that have been speaking to me in a very loud voice.

I always remind my T'ai Chi Chih students that they'll be helped by a practice even when they think they're too busy to fit it in. And so, over the past few days, when I've been overwhelmed with projects and commitments, I've also been reminded of the powerful, rejuvenative effects this practice brings to a worn down, stressed out bodymind.

So--no excuses--take time for your T'ai Chi Chih practice tomorrow and notice how much better you feel at the end.

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