Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Secure Connection to the Earth

Oh, it's a wild wind-swept day. When the wind's momentum increases, I feel myself unconciously hold my breath as I wait for bending trees and swirling leaves to relax back into still, quiet air.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih out in the porch today. I was bathed in sunlight even as I watched the wind stir, sweep, and circle just outside the windows. The petals of potted begonias in the window in front of me shimmered and flashed with brilliant red light. And, when I looked outside, I noticed a red plastic reflector planted in the earth that shone with light just as astonishingly brilliant and beautiful.

It felt peculiar to remain grounded and at peace while the leaves before me were so easily tossed and upended by the turbulent breezes. But I was perfectly happy to stay within the safe refuge of walls and windows.

Yes, my thoughts were blown about a bit but, for the most part, my practice was filled with relaxed effortlessness. And now, as I sit before my computer to blog I marvel at the swaying treetops and the deep roots that connect each living tree securely to the earth.

I'm reminded that for me, too, it's important to establish and maintain deep, secure roots each time I settle into a TCC practice. That rootedness helps to ground the energy and guarantees that my thoughts won't tip me sideways or blow me over.

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