Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quiet Moments in the Midst of Chaos

This 50th annual Apple Fest weekend is a summer fest ... temperatures in the 80s with lots of sun. Past fests have been notorious for daylong rain showers and cold temps so this is, while hot, a welcome change.

I worked upstairs at the library all day today while my cohorts ran the library sale downstairs. In my area it was relatively quiet with few checkouts or other library-related business.

I handled phone calls, acquisitioned materials, and prepped DVDs to add to our collection while I answered questions and directed a number of desperate people to bathroom locations. Meanwhile, the downstairs bathrooms and book tables were subject to constant visitations.

During a short lunch break I practiced T'ai Chi Chih in the library yard while I gazed into a line of gorgeous fall-colored trees. Those few minutes of practice were helpful and recouperative especially given the steady streams of people flowing along city sidewalks and damming up downtown streets. After I arrived home (sigh!) I napped then ventured outside into the overly warm early evening darkness to finish my TCC practice.

It felt delightful to be surrounded by warmth and comfort on an October evening. Namaste and Lucy watched my back as I stared into the darkening forest. And then mosquitoes began their visitations and I gladly finished my practice and quickly retired inside.

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