Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gift & Grace

Saturday, October 1, 2011:

Today we experienced several unexpected delights. First, we stopped to chat with some of my favorite people at the Bayfield Farmers' Market. The fruit and vegetables, bread, and other products are beautiful and nourishing to behold as are the farmers and creative practitioners who labor to provide the ultimate in nutrition ... fresh and delicious.

Then we visited several Bayfield businesses that we haven't explored during the almost-nine years we've lived in the area. We were treated to stories galore at the Hitching Post, a taxidermy and folk art wood carving shop just south of Bayfield. And, of course, we couldn't resist buying pears and a fresh-baked apple pie across the road at Weber's Orchards.

Following a late lunch Anna and Frances took a long walk at Meyers Beach. My foot was sore so I stayed home to blog, practice T'ai Chi Chih, bike ride, and care for the animals.

Almost immediately I realized that I truly missed my T'ai Chi Chih practice partner. Yes, the outdoor practice was beautiful and peaceful. Yes, I enjoyed taking time out to settle into the quiet. And, yes, I also noted the change in focus, intention, and energy when I was, once again, left to my own solo practice. (Oh, to be able to practice with Anna once more before she leaves us....)

Sunday, October 2, 2011:

What can I say? It's a beautiful day! The sunshine is bright, the leaves are close to peak color, and it looks and feels absolutely glorious outside.

Why, one might ask, am I indoors writing this blog? Good question. I thought I could finish this quickly (I'm not). And, I admit, I'm starting to get antsy.

So I'll just report that Anna and I did complete a pre-breakfast T'ai Chi Chih practice. We stood on the porch and saw the goose and chickens as they went about their morning eating and grazing rituals.

Anna and I delved into our own ritual. It felt wonderful to settle into the slow peacefulness and deep breathing of our shared practice. Slow begets slow. And, despite a few brief interruptions, we made it through the practice and (I'm speaking for myself) felt better for it.

I felt a sense of gift and grace when I shared TCC practices with Anna while she was here to join me. Lest I forget I was again reminded that those of us who perform regular TCC practices are deeply blessed....

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