Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I managed a five-minute T'ai Chi Chih practice in the midst of morning busyness and now, post-work, I'm back at it.

Even though the day should/could be slowing down I'm caught between two busy bodies: Namaste barked nonstop throughout tonight's TCC practice and, now that I'm ready to type my blog, Frances is busily reviewing the artwork on a rush project she initiated yesterday.

Sometimes--often?--it takes focused determination to maintain inner calm and groundedness when I'm surrounded by a swirling eddy of hyperactivity.

Of course it doesn't help that I spend six hours flying from one project to the next during breaks in my over-the-counter public service. I tend to believe that I can easily transition into a state of peace and relaxation but "no luck."

Yes, TCC practice facilitates the relaxation process but it takes time to unwind. And now that my TCC practice has begun the transition I'll continue in my efforts to relax-release-replenish.

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