Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twenty-Four Hour Sanity

Today was hard; I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night which meant that my patience was nil. Thankfully I had my daily T'ai Chi Chih practice to keep the emotional road level and driveable even when there were hills and valleys all along my route.

I swung into TCC after I spent the morning on the phone rounding up students for next week's TCC classes. A friend also called to ask whether I was available to copy edit her soon-to-be published book. When that conversation concluded, I was eager to be outside in the golden beauty. Happily the chickens joined me, ventured into nearby woods, and scratched and pecked at the leaf covered earth as I Carried the Ball to the Side, Push-Pulled, and Pulled in the Energy.

When I opened the freezer to prepare dinner, I discovered that everything was thawed and I had a frig full of food to toss and/or relocate. T'ai Chi Chih to the rescue.... Even though I was tired and grumpy I managed to mop up strawberry and raspberry juices from the freezer floor and transport soggy items to the basement frig.

Some days--like today--it seems that too much time (i.e., 24 hours) passes between TCC practice sessions. Still, I am deeply grateful that I have this practice to keep me sane....

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