Friday, October 21, 2011

Nap? Or T'ai Chi Chih practice?

Today was fundamentally beautiful! What do I mean? I'm not even sure. After days of clouds, occasional rain, and colder temps, today set a new tone with blue, sun swept skies. Frances and I enjoyed a long walk and then I settled into my copy editing project.

By mid-afternoon, after hours of focused attention, I felt exhausted. Should I take a nap? Or should I do a T'ai Chi Chih practice? Nap? Practice? Because the weather was so absolutely beautiful outdoors I opted for TCC practice. And I was glad that I did.

Now I feel renewed and invigorated. No need for a nap any longer.... The practice gave me energy, the warmth of the sun and the openness of the sky settled into my soul, and the time outside restored my aching body and mind. Once again, I am alive, I am alert, I am awake and joyous. I am also hungry. It's time to segue into my next event of the day: dinner.

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