Monday, October 17, 2011

Wind Blown

Windy days and windy nights. Still. (These heavy winds have persisted for four days or so.) Luckily, at work today I was oblivious to whether the wind was blowing or not since I was encased in a century-old brick building. When I'm home, I can hear the wind whipping through the trees and see the treetops whirling and swirling when wind speeds increase.

Before work I did a 10 minute T'ai Chi Chih practice while I watched winds whip through the trees. Tonight I finished my practice before I headed home from the library. Since it was quiet there I welcomed the opportunity to practice in peace (the only sound was the tick-tock of a grandfather clock).

It is interesting, though, to see how tempted and distracted I am by the written word (in whatever form). When I practice in the library, I find myself reading headlines on newspapers and magazines, looking at book covers and posters, and generally letting my mind wander over, around, and through every written word in view. During my short practice at home this morning it was easier to focus my attention even though the wind threatened to blow it all away.

Now that I've let the rush and bustle of the day slide off my shoulders I'm ready to head home. My day is almost done and it's time to relax....

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