Friday, October 28, 2011

Tinkering with the Bodymind

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih at home this afternoon with my CD of Tibetan monks chanting in the background. It was just what the doctor ordered. Today I feel tired, stressed, sick, and over busy so the TCC practice along with the praying monks, a seated meditation practice, and 45 minutes spent soaking up rays of warmth under my Hothouse machine, made me anew.

Perhaps this was actually what Buddha's Brain ordered. For it was just yesterday in class that we discussed different strategies designed to tame the wolf of hate and cultivate goodwill. One of author, Rick Hanson's, suggestions was to be aware of the priming, in other words, to be cognizant of elements that tend to stimulate your nervous system and prime you--or lead you--toward ill will (Ch. 10, p. 164). He's referring to H.A.L.T. (hungry-angry-lonely-tired), one of the mainstays of recovery work. I'd wager a guess that I could have responded affirmatively to three or four of the aforementioned options.

All of these tools from my toolbox made a difference in my attitude and energy level but, first, it took a conversation with Frances to help me realize that I needed to (1) do something about my stress and (2) take care of myself. Thank goodness for people in my life who know me well.

I'm going back to work now but I plan to remind myself later in the day to reopen my toolbox and engage in a bit more tinkering on my bodymind before I go to bed.

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