Thursday, October 27, 2011

Energizing, Grounding, Cleansing

It's late afternoon and, for the first time today, sun is beginning to shine through an ever-expanding hole of blue in cloud-clogged skies. Ahhh.... My soul feels lighter (because the world around me is lighter).

Our T'ai Chi Chih group practice this morning was relaxing and peace-inducing. During our discussion time after practice we talked extensively about the movement Joyous Breath.

"What," one student asked, "is it supposed to do for a person?"

"What," I responded, "does it do for you?"

She mentioned that since the movement relies on muscle tension and a focus on nose breathing she's inspired to imagine herself as bringing in good energy and pushing out the bad. Another student added that she often feels as if she could easily float upward during the previous movement, Light at the Top of the Head/Light at the Temples. For her, Joyous Breath effectively and efficiently brings her back down to earth as it strongly and securely grounds her.

For me, Joyous Breath feels like a cleansing. The full taking in and letting out of air is a tremendously important part of this movement because it allows me to feel as if I'm engaged in an internal house cleaning (which, perhaps, I am).

That's the joy of T'ai Chi Chih practice: the movements become meaningful and valuable to you based on the symbols, images, and interpretations you ascribe to them. T'ai Chi Chih Joy thru Movement is a universal, worldwide practice that provides untold benefits to those who practice it. It is also a practice that can be uniquely your own. When you make it so, you will truly experience the joy thru movement.

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